Hotline racism & discrimination


Have you been the victim or witnessed words, actions or activities in or around the stadium that you consider discriminatory? Please don't hesitate to report it to us. 

Racism and discrimination have no place in an open and warm society and certainly not in or around our football stadiums. 

Every report will be treated with strict confidentiality and seriousness and will be followed up by the Football & Community Unit of the Pro League.

How do we handle your report? 

When the Pro League receives a report of discriminatory or racist behaviour at a professional football level, a clear process is followed.

Your information is strictly confidential and will never be passed on without express permission. The Pro League will not use your information for commercial purposes under any circumstances, except with your express permission. 


Your report and the details are registered in the report form. 


The Pro League will consider what action needs to be taken. The Pro League will never contact another party without your express agreement 


The Pro League will contact the person who reported the incident as soon as possible and explain the possible steps, timelines and what to expect. 


The person who reported the incident receives a short report and possible actions taken by the Pro League or other competent authorities. 

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