Mission & vision


The Pro League is responsible for the organisation of Belgian professional football. It does so by coordinating championships, either league or cup.

It also groups the professional football clubs, which are represented in the management bodies of the non-profit organisation and nv Pro League. The Pro League works independently of these clubs, but is at their service. 

On a national level, the Pro League works closely with the Royal Belgian football association (KBVB) and on a regional level it regularly coordinates both wings of amateur football: Football Flanders and ACFF.

The Pro League is aware of its role in society and translates this into a Football & Community policy with which it wants to achieve a social and societal impact.


The Pro League aspires to be an organisation where football experience, professionalism, innovation and growth are key. Every initiative of the Pro League aims to strengthen the clubs in particular and football in general. Our ambition is to strengthen Belgian professional football, and bring it closer to the fans.

Football First

With its 26 professional clubs, the Pro League is executing its global plan called 'Football First'. We opt for a strong vision for the future, with new licensing conditions around a sustainable financial policy, with independent directors and with attention for investments in youth development, women's football and handifoot. 

Football & Community Policy

The Pro League and its clubs believe in the power of football to create a positive impact on society. All activities within professional football that aim to have a social and societal impact are brought together under Football & Community.