Clubs share best practices on anti-money laundering rules

Since the beginning of this season, all professional football clubs have been complying with the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AML). This strict measure should improve transparency in Belgian football. To support its clubs, the Pro League organised its first AML forum on Monday.

In the aftermath of Operation Clean Hands, it was decided to subject professional football to preventive anti-money laundering legislation. This has a huge impact on the activities on all of our clubs. Every incoming and outgoing transaction they enter into must comply with a number of obligations. In particular, transfers and commercial deals are strictly monitored.

The application of the AML rules, which the Pro League endorses, requires our clubs to adopt a different approach internally. During that switch, the Pro League tries to guide them in the best way possible. The clubs can also learn a lot from each other. That is why the Pro League periodically organises an AML forum. The first one took place on Monday in the Brussels federation building.

Knowledge sharing

The AML Compliance Officers and representatives of all professional clubs were present to express their concerns, ask questions and especially to share their experiences and acquired knowledge. During this first forum, the emphasis was on what can be expected during an inspection. The Pro League and external auditors assisted the clubs with help and advice.

At the end of the first AML forum, our professional clubs received a certificate of attendance, which also serves as a training certificate as required by the AML legislation. The next meeting will be organised before the end of the current season and will focus, among other things, on the rules surrounding NFTs.