Pro League condemns incidents at R. Union SG – K. Beerschot VA

The Pro League condemns the incidents during R. Union SG – K. Beerschot VA that led referee Boucaut to end the game early. "This is just not acceptable anymore and such people do not belong in our stadiums."

CEO Lorin Parys: “Last night, more than 100,000 supporters in our stadiums and a million fans in front of the TV watched the exciting sporting climax of the regular competition. But around thirty people thought it necessary to spoil that football fun. This is just not acceptable anymore and such people do not belong in our stadiums. If we want football to grow and remain attractive to fans and families, that line has to be crystal clear. Safety is a priority for me. That is why I am currently working with all the relevant departments on stricter sanctions that we will introduce with all our clubs at the start of the new season.”

What happens now?

The Pro League will immediately impose a €50,000 fine on Beerschot, Parys says; "After all, the Match Delegate’s report confirms that Beerschot supporters were the cause of the match ending prematurely." 

With regard to the sporting result and possible disciplinary sanctions, the federation authorities were quick to step in since the match was permanently stopped by the referee. From the day of the match, the federation prosecutor's office has 7 calendar days to file a federation action based on the Match Delegate’s report. The Disciplinary Board summons the parties at least 7 days in advance. The parties will have an opportunity to appeal to the BAS (Belgian Court of Arbitration for Sports) after the ruling. 

Lorin Parys: “It is in the interest of the fans and the clubs to have clarity on the points as soon as possible with the start of the Play Offs in sight. I am sure that the federation bodies will work quickly with a view to the sporting calendar. In the meantime, I have also contacted the clubs involved and they too want clarity as soon as possible. So, we hope for a quick decision.”

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