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With the play-offs just around the corner, the tension in the Jupiler Pro League is rising. Not only for our supporters and players, it is also moneytime for the coaches. Do you sometimes think you could do it better than them? Then the wonderful world of Sorare is undoubtedly your thing! In the unique online fantasy game, you can test your managerial skills against other virtual coaches.

Sorare combines a free fantasy game with online collectible cards - based on NFT technology that ensures digital exclusivity of each card - to bring fans closer to football. The Jupiler Pro League was the first league to board the now world-renowned platform. And that creates a strong connection!

How do you play Sorare?

Sorare is a free fantasy game where you have to find, collect and trade player cards with the aim of fielding the best possible squad. In a competition, you compete against other Sorare collectors and each week you can win fantastic prizes.

Assemble your squad of 5 players - from more than 315 football clubs around the world - and enter the various competitions. Your squad earns points based on the performance of your players in real matches. So football knowledge is crucial. It is up to you to make the right choices and bet on the players with the greatest potential!

To play, you need cards. There are different types of cards:

  • 1 unique card;
  • 10 super rare cards;
  • 100 rare cards;
  • 1,000 limited cards;
  • Unlimited common cards.

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    These online cards are authenticated by Ethereum blockchain technology, making them certified and thus non-duplicable, following the principle of NFT (non-fungible tokens).

    In short, if you have ever played fantasy games or collected football cards, you will find a perfect mix of both in Sorare. Create your profile, recruit players for your squad and try to find the future goldcrest you can win prizes with. Ready to try your luck?

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