After consultation with the Belgian Competition Authorities, the management of the Pro League decided to launch, on February 7th 2017, the official Tender related to the commercialisation of the audio-visual rights of the Jupiler Pro League and the Super Cup, starting from season 2017/18.

On Wednesday February 7th 2017, the Pro League assisted by its exclusive media advisor MP&Silva will launch the official Tender concerning the live and delayed audio-visual rights of the Jupiler Pro League and the Super Cup from season 2017/18.

The Tender Document, which has been submitted and approved by the Belgian Competition Authorities, will be open to all interested parties. In the current positive environment for Belgian football, and aiming at taking Belgium's professional football to the next level, the Tender strives to offer a strengthened visibility to Pro League and its clubs.

The Tender aims at optimizing the value of the media rights of the Jupiler Pro League and the Super Cup while strengthening the relationships between Belgian Football and its partners.

The Scheduling will not change

The Championship rounds will remain spread throughout 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) as they are today.
As a reminder, the clubs of the Jupiler Pro League will play:

o On Friday @ 20 :30
o On Saturday @ 18 :00 / 20 :00 / 20 :30
o On Sunday @ 14 :30 / 18 :00 / 20 :00

The lots

The Tender will comprise 6 main lot categories.
Each such category will be made available separately on a per language basis, as well as in both French and Dutch.

The Live matches to the Jupiler Pro League will be offered in 2 (two) lots, each offering all Jupiler Pro League live matches:
- Lot 1: to be broadcast on a platform neutral basis (including TV)
- Lot 2: to be broadcast solely via internet and mobile technologies.
- Lot 3 will comprise the exclusive rights to the live rights to the Super Cup.

Lot 4 will include, on an internet and mobile basis, the rights to exploit near-live clips (in-game clips of no more than 20 seconds per clip) and delayed clips (up to 3 minutes per clip) of all matches.

Lot 5 will comprise of the exclusive rights to the week-end highlights to be broadcast on TV on a free-to-air basis.

Lot 6 will include the exclusive rights to the Monday Evening Magazines.

Interested candidates may submit to Pro League their request to receive the Tender Document (contact:

For additional information:
Pro League
Pierre François
02 477 12 29