Eleven Sports & DELTACAST use Stats Perform data Pro League

Eleven Sports enters into a cooperation with DELTACAST for the development of virtual tv graphics. The relationship of the Pro League & Eleven Sports with Stats Perform allows for DELTACAST to ingest the league’s official, real-time data.

DELTACAST released Version 11 of their live and studio product line for broadcasting the Belgian Jupiler Pro League & 1B Pro League this season. Thanks to new breakthrough functionalities unique to DELTACAST alongside its key modules, Eleven Sports has decided to trust in the innovation of DELTA-sport suite.

In line with the innovative ambition of the Pro League Forward-project, the cooperation of the Pro League and Eleven Sports with Stats Perform allows for DELTACAST, in addition to new automatic tracking features and calibration enhancements, to manage the Pro League’s official data proposed by Stats Perform.

This data allows for a display of graphics such as:

  • Heatmaps
  • Penalty / Free-kick maps
  • Team Line-ups
  • Event localisation (fouls, tackles,…)
  • Mean recuperation line

All these new graphics are at disposal for real time insertion on game live feed or for creation of clips for pre- and post-game analysis.

Such collaboration with a data provider for major sport leagues and tournaments is a key element for any sports broadcaster wishing to benefit from the next level of analytics in its live or pre/post production and to further engage the audience and the fans.