Football Business Inside: interview with Stijn Van Bever and Leander Monbaliu

The prominent platform ‘Football Business Inside’ interviewed Stijn van Bever (Head of Communication) and Leander Monbaliu (Chief Business Officer) about the rebranding of the Pro League and how it symbolized the start of numerous initiatives and partnerships within Pro League Forward.

Pro League Forward binds all Pro League trajectories and partnerships that focus on innovation, such as the various digital developments and partnerships with Eleven Sports, 433 or WSC Sports. 

The interview focuses on how the ecosystem of clubs, the Pro League and its partners allows for the Pro League to keep track of recent developments as a medium-sized league and, through this, support its clubs in their performance and commercial development.

Next to that, Stijn and Leander provided additional insights into how the Pro League sees itself evolving even further in these challenging times.

You can download the full interview hereunder.